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In every scenario it works the same. The existing dominant players in an industry partner with politicians to ”regulate” that industry. But by ”regulating” the industry, the existing dominant players impose barriers to entry and to competition that solidify their market positions and restrict competition.

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I think what u/byetony was referring to was the report made by Trump administration. They basically acknowledged and concluded that by the end of the century the world average temperature will be up to 4 degrees/7 Fahrenheit. But the policies? None/BAU.

I a mobile and web guy, so my advice is towards that, but I would read about Android development, iOS development, JavaScript Web development and learn about ”backend” development. To start, I spend about an hour just reading about each and see if one catches your fancy. Each has a ton of jobs and entry level positions won expect you to know about all of these.

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Once you have determined who you must collect sales tax from, the problem becomes how to collect it. As previously stated, there are programs that can automate the process. Once the wholesale jerseys need to collect tax is signaled, the appropriate tax is added onto the purchase.

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