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I am the inventor of the first international patent of blockchain in China and co founder of ChinaLedger, China’s most influential blockchain alliance. In 2016, I have led the team to complete the first financial transaction on the blockchain in China. I was the former head of IBM next grand challenge project in GCG, the Chief Scientist of Internet finance in China, the head of IBM fundamental science research in China and the Co chair of the Patent Review Board..

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I have been in the auto industry for 16 years and if you’re looking for true invoice cost, Edmunds is your best bet as they do let you know that advertising costs are not included in the estimate. Edmunds also offers the latest rebates and incentives for all models along with a great feature unique to them called True Cost to Own (TCO). As you can see in the screenshot to the right (click to enlarge), for the same 2011 Ford Fusion model, Edmunds offers a nifty TCO for you for a 5 year period that includes costs such as depreciation, taxes fees, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and even if a tax credit is available on a certain model you won’t find this on other auto websites and this could be a deciding factor for you when researching and pricing cars that will fit your budget..

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